Scottish Government launch Neonatal Expenses Fund after Bliss Scotland campaign

On 1 April 2018, the Scottish Government launches a Neonatal Expenses Fund to help parents with the cost of food and travel whilst their baby is in neonatal care.

The £1.5 million fund comes after Bliss Scotland campaigning highlighted that parents in Scotland spent an average of £218 a week while their baby was in neonatal care.

The fund will allow parents or guardians with either premature or sick babies in neonatal care in Scotland to claim reimbursement for food and travel expenses.

Caroline Lee-Davey, Chief Executive of Bliss Scotland, said: “Bliss Scotland is thrilled to support the Scottish Government’s launch of this much-needed financial scheme to help families with a baby in neonatal care pay for travel and food costs. The Fund will help more parents spend as much time as possible with their baby and play a more hands-on role in their care, which we know is best for babies.”

“Whilst we acknowledge the great step forward in the provision of financial support in Scotland, we know that parents across the rest of the UK face the same financial challenges. Bliss will continue to campaign for change in England, Wales and Northern Ireland so that all families across the country can receive the same support.”

For more information about the campaign and details of the Fund please click here

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