Failure to extubate after steroid treatment

This study – led by Alain Cuna, from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, looked at what happened to babies with lung problems whose breathing tubes were unable to be removed (failed to extubate) even after a course of systemic corticosteroids. 74 babies took part in the study, of whom 41 were successfully extubated. Those babies whose breathing tubes could not be removed after their treatment with corticosteroids were more likely to die or suffer longer-lasting lung problems. They were also more likely to need a tracheostomy and gastrostomy as well as needing to spend a longer time in hospital and have mechanical ventilation.

You can find the abstract of this article here.


About John Gale

I work as a medical librarian in the Joint Education and Training (JET) library at Leighton Hospital, Crewe. I keep clinicians up to date with the latest research, help them to find the best information about treatment and train them to find - and assess - high-quality information for themselves. I also help doctors and nurses find and write high-quality information for patients.
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