Optimal timing of delivery for women using heroin during pregnancy

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2017-01-01, Volume 216, Issue 1, Pages S124-S125

Research on the optimal timing of delivery for women who use heroin during pregnancy is given in this article.

Higher rates of neonatal morbidity are associated with heroin use during pregnancy. Use of the drug can cause problems such as increased rates of growth restriction and preterm delivery. These factors lead to the increased chance of intrauterine and neonatal deaths.

This study aims to bridge the gap in current research knowledge; currently no studies show the best age to deliver infants where the mothers are using heroin. The research aims to find the best gestational age for delivery to assess whether having a planned, early delivery can help reduce infant mortality.

Findings in this study show that the optimal gestational age for delivery was 38 weeks. Data from this study suggests that planned deliveries before 39 weeks gestation may be useful in achieving better outcomes for heroin users during pregnancy. However patient characteristics alter the risk and need to be taken into account.

The article can be found on ClinicalKey


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